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VETO is a community organisation committed to preventing ENERGEX from turning the already fragile Logan River valley into a power line easement, clearing 42.5 hectares of Logan koala habitat, and destroying the amenity and property values of local residents.   

Our position on the ENERGEX proposed Loganlea to Jimboomba 110kV powerline is:-

"The FIAR [Energex Final Interim Assessment Report proposal] is in contradiction to key planning and legislative documents, carries out a damaging environmental precedent through incompatible land use and in no way represents best practice in environmental, social and cultural standards expected in Australia in the 21st Century. Where other viable options exist, a project with as many fundamental flaws in policy, application and public opinion should not be considered."
Extract from VETO Submission to Energex FIAR July 2010 (p5)   Read more...> pdf_64  (14.7 MB) verify


sign_dangerovhpowerlines photo-pole3

Boring machine used to create the power pole base [ref FIAR 16-4]. How can this construction be considered low impact ?

Typical 110kV single circuit
concrete power pole

Example of a concrete power pole affected by severe weather (Moranbah 2008), yes these poles can fall over !

This website is intended to provide information for local residents and anyone interested in the issues, especially those who want a better outcome for our community than what is being proposed by Energex.  We need to protect the Logan River bioregional corridor and Koala habitat for current and future generations.

Don't think you can't do anything about it - THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE .....GET INVOLVED TODAY!
VETO Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month,  7pm at the Community Hall, 66 Kenny Road, Chambers Flat

Minister McArdle’s Special Conditions – What’s So Special ?

On Wednesday 28 November 2012, Minister Mark McArdle issued a Media Release to advise his decision to designate a 40 metre easement through our community for the Energex proposed second Loganlea to Jimboomba 110kV powerline.

This Media Release claims “Special environmental conditions have been imposed”... “in recognition of environmental issues raised by Logan City Council and the community” … “to mitigate social and environmental impacts,”

The Media Release includes six dot point requirements (shown) that are so broad they are un-enforceable. These are the minimum requirements, we would expect for any powerline construction. In fact they are the sort of basic environmental conditions we would expect Energex to provide, and maybe they did?

There is nothing special about these conditions and they certainly DON’T recognise the impact of Energex clearing 42.5 ha of koala habitat with a 40 metre cleared easement and 5 Logan River crossings within 6 kms through the already fragile Logan River bio-Regional corridor.

mcardles conditions

Perhaps Minister McArdle was misled by the Energex Vegetation (Tree) Clearing map included in the Oakley-Greenwood Report that was used to justify his decision. This map inAppendices Part 2 (Appendix 9.2.1)shows the unacceptable extent of vegetation and tree clearing proposed along the Logan River, but does not show the expected clearing south of Logan Village through known high value koala habitat .

The Oakley-Greenwood Report used to justify the Minister’s decision was a narrow scope (one alternative) report initiated by the previous Labor Government but withheld from Logan City Council and VETO for 12 months by Minister McArdle, until after he released his decision.

Minister McArdle made his decison despite this Oakley-Greenwood Report providing further evidence of omissions in the Energex planning process. And like the previous Cardno Report, this report also shows that the scoring used to justify the Logan River route was biased to select this Logan River route. We know Energex manipulated the community consultation and environmental assessment processes and now Energex have got their way with this Minister. Is it because this Government has more to gain by approving more powerlines and they are not concerned about their future electoral chances in the previously Labor held seats of Logan, Albert and Waterford?

For Minister McArdle to further state that “he benefited greatly from visiting the area earlier this year where he had the chance to speak with local residents and the Logan City Council first hand.” is insulting. Because he then chose NOT to consider or discuss the lower impact Alternatives presented by Logan City Council and VETO, before he announced his decision.

The Media Release also claims There are currently about 32,000 electricity customers in the Logan area at risk of power outages, with up to 9,000 customers at risk of remaining without electricity for up to eight hours if there is an outage of the existing line.” This is a repeat of previous scaremongering by Energex (eg Handout Nov 2010) but is not supported by the forecasts included in the Oakley-Greenwood Report.

The reality is the existing 110kV powerline supplying Jimboomba and Beaudesert consumers is backed-up by two 33kV powerlines as well as generators at Bromelton. If the existing 110kV powerline (F820) was to suffer an outage, the 33kV network plus Bromelton generators have capacity to support existing customers (read more in Minister McArdle Approves Gold Plating article below).

There is still time to consider lower impact Alternatives, but Minister McArdle appears more willing to support Energex and increase consumer costs, rather than honour his government’s pre-election commitment to an open review of Alternatives to avoid the impacts of this powerline duplication on our Community.