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About VETO

VETO is a community organisation committed to preventing ENERGEX from turning the already fragile Logan River valley into a power line easement, clearing 42.5 hectares of Logan koala habitat, and destroying the amenity and property values of local residents.

VETO was formed by Logan residents in December 2008 in response to the Energex proposal to construct a 110kV (110,000 volt) sub-transmission powerline line through the Logan River bioregional corridor with at least 27 power poles purposely located within the Logan River floodplain.

The Energex proposal is fundamentally flawed.  VETO wants a solution that delivers reliable supply to energy consumers WITHOUT inflicting unacceptable impacts and safety risks on our community. A solution that avoids the need for a 40 metre cleared easement and 5 river crossings within 6 kms along the fragile Logan River with the clearing of 42.5 hectares of local koala habitat. There are other lower impact and even lower cost alternatives that Energex are choosing to ignore.