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Minister faces Music...> veto_media_release_19dec2012.pdf

VETO appeal directly to Energex Board... veto_media_release_15juy_2011.pdf

VETO still waiting for invitation to the party...>  veto_media_release_10_jun_2011.pdf

VETO receives Australia Day Award for voluntary community service... veto_media_release-18feb2011.pdf

Energex pushing ahead, but how is the proposed powerline consistent with the Queensland Government Climate Ready Infrastructure Initiative...>  veto_media_release_5nov_2010.pdf

VETO's Meeting with Minister Stephen Robertson...>  VETO_Press_Release_7_Oct_2010c.pdf

Council (Cardno) Report highlights Energex Shortcomings...>  veto_media_release_28sep_2010.pdf

Logan River Fight Gears Up...>  VETO_Media_Release_6__Aug_2010.pdf


Protest Rally at Parliament


The message from our next generation


VETO participated in a Protest Rally at Parliament House on 7 October 2010 with other Community Groups from the Sunshine Coast (Sunshine Coast Action Group) and Gold Coast (STOP) to draw attention to wide community disatisfaction with Energex's flawed community consultation process. Energex don't consult, they tell us what they intend to do and in each case this narrow thinking results in powerline projects with a high adverse impact on our communities, when lower impact and even lower cost alternatives are available.

Queensland's Minister for Mines & Energy (Hon. Stephen Robertson MP) is about to make a decision on Community Infrastructure Designation for the Sunshine Coast Sunpower powerline as well as the Loganlea to Jimboomba powerline. Consultants engaged by Energex have prepared volumes of material to justify the proposals. We contend though, that these proposals misrepresent impacts and trivialise community concerns. We have therefore asked the Minister to visit our areas to actually see and fully appreciate the impacts that these powerlines will have.

read more about the Protest Rally in recent Jimboomba Times articles,,,,,

Radio Interviews

Energex power line letters make sparks fly (ABC612 Interview with Anita Sietas of Energex),,,> Link  

Power line letters anger residents' lawyer (ABC612 Interview with Maree Slingsby),,,> Link


Media Articles

No integrity to be found in powerline approval Before every election politicians promise to represent the aspirations of the people, and as soon as they achieve office they obey their corporate masters Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 3Jan13-p26

Minister refuses to rethink $43.5m powerline despite council and community opposition Mr McArdle was accused of "planning on the run" due to the unexpected timing of his decision. Read more,,,> Albert & Logan News 21Dec12

Powerline Concerns What does putting a powerline across a river that floods, cutting through koala habitat and ruining people's quality of life achieve?
Read more,,,> Albert & Logan News 12Dec12-p8

McArdle hears powerline concerns. Send project back to drawing board urges council officer. The consultation and environmental assessment was flawed. The Minister can have no confidence that this powerline is an appropriate use of community/consumer resources. Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 6Sept12-p4

Minister likely to visit powerline plan Minister for Energy and Water Supply Mark McArdle looks set to visit the region and meet with VETO members to discuss Energex's proposed Loganlea to Jimboomba powerline  Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 16May12 p8

LNP commits to review powerline plan  Local LNP candidates have reiterated their their commitment to a full and open review of Energex's proposal to construct a second high voltage power line from Loganlea to Jimboomba  Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 21March12 p13

Where the candidates stand on the Loganlea to Jimboomba power line plan  A survey of candidate positions in the leadup to the March 2012 State Election  Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 29Feb12 p12

Constituents do matter  Once you see how State Government (Agencies) deal with local stakeholders from the inside, all of the talk about 'extensive consultation with the public' is revealed as waffle.. Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 18jan12 p33

Mediation leaves VETO feeling unimpressed  Residents fighting Energex plans to construct a second Loganlea to Jimboomba power line fear an independent review appointed by DEEDI might be biased .. Read more,,,>Jimboomba Times 19Oct11 p3

Group praised for keeping up the fight  Congratulations to VETO for continuing to fight for a better outcome than the Energex proposed second high voltage powerline from Loganlea to Jimboomba .. Read more,,,>Jimboomba Times 21Sept11 p33

VETO Urges Energex Board to look into Proposal   VETO has written to the Energex Board suggesting its members were misled about the impacts of the proposed second powerline from Loganlea to Jimboomba .. Read more,,,>Jimboomba Times 20July11 p18

The more we pay for power, the more money the Government collects Queenslanders are quite possibly paying hundreds of millions of dollars for unnecessary electricity distribution networks  Read more,,,>  Courier Mail 27June11

Mickel rejects lobby group's assertions State Member for Logan John Mickel has refuted claims he told a lobby group they could only have a representative from his electorate attend a mediation session (at least this article confirms a VETO representative has been nominated)
Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 22June11p12

Residents feel no one is listening  It appears to me that both the local koalas and the residents of the Camp Cable Road area have something in common.. Read more,,,>Jimboomba Times 15June11 p36

Mediation set on power plan  There are plans for further investigation into Energex's Loganlea to Jimboomba powerline proposal, as well as a mediation session.. Read more,,,>Albert & Logan News 17June11 p3

Politicians meet to discuss powerline plan  An independent analysis of two key reports into a planned powerline from Loganlea to Jimbooma may be undertaken.. Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 8June11 p13

Locals brace for electricity price rise  Familes already struggling to pay bills face a 6.6% rise in electricity prices following an announcement by the Qld Competition Authority (more reason for any spend on network expansion to deliver the most cost effective outcome)..
Read more,,,>Jimboomba Times 8June11 p23

How can community have faith in Energex? Anyone who is familiar with the David and Goliath battle between Energex and the Logan community would be aware of the "no holds barred" tactics Energex have employed.. Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 8June11 p34

Council Slams Energex Council refers powerline plans to energy regulator amid claims Energex failed to properly investigate alternatives.
Read more,,,> JT Editorial 18May11 p34 ,   JT 18May11 p8 ,   JT 18May11 p9 .

Robertson can add to Legacy Tell Energex the Logan community deserves better and send them back to the drawing board.
Read more,,,>  Jimboomba TimesEditorial 30March11 p34

Residents object to Energex resumptions   Residents issued with notices of intention to resume land by Energex for a controversial transmission line upgrade drew their swords recently. Energex confirmed that approx 50 submissions (objections) were received. Read more,,,>Jimboomba Times 23Feb11 p16

Report prompts concerns   A Report on the $40 million Energex plan to build a high-voltage power line from Loganlea to Jimboomba via the Logan River has raised serious concerns over the project's social and environmental impacts. Read more,,,> Albert and Logan News 18Feb11 p3

Energex plan slammed   Energex is alleged to have put forward a local power line upgrade plan which is full of holes and which warrants outright rejection by Energy Minister Stephen Roberstson. Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 16Feb11 p3

More time to prepare powerline objections  Residents along the controversial proposed (second) Loganlea to Jimboomba high voltage power line have been given a 30 day-day extension to appeal against any land resumptions (Note: residents still have to apply to Energex in writing by January 10 - contact VETO if you need assistance with this). Read more,,,>Albert and Logan News 7Jan11 p3

VETO wins extension on land resumption issue (with help from local MPs) power line lobby group VETO has welcomed a time extension to allow residents to respond to notices of intention to resume letters issued by Energex. Residents wanting to object to the Notice need to apply to Energex in writing before Monday, January 10, 2011 for a 30 day extension. Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 22Dec10 p3

It Will Get Ugly  Energex continues to conduct themselves in a bombastic, arrogant manner. This is totally unacceptable and I intend to fight this all the way. I urge other affected landowners to do the same. Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 8Dec10 p29

Energex is Acting Unreasonably  Issuing these notices at the start of school holidays and expecting landowners to obtain legal support, submit objections by January 10, 2011 and prepare for an 'independent' hearing with an Energex delegate in mid January 2011 is totally unreasonably. Read more,,,>Jimboomba Times 8Dec10 p28

Something is Wrong with the Process  There is something fundamentally wrong with a community infrastructure process that allows for organisations such as Energex to begin resuming properties before a project has been given final approval Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times Editorial 1Dec10 p34

Anger over resumption letters  Locals affected by the Energex powerline upgrade from Loganlea to Jimboomba received a surprise in the mail on Monday in the form of a land resumption notice. Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 1Dec10 p4

Energex Moves to Resume land - Residents Furious at Letters   Logan City Council is calling on the State Government to halt land resumptions by Energex. Read more,,,> Albert & Logan News 1Dec10 p3

Residents maintain the Rage against Energex   About 100 people packed into the Logan Village community hall on Sunday,,, Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 1Dec10 p3

Resumption Intent before route Approved   Logan City Council is calling on the State Government to halt land resumptions by Energex,, Read more,,,> Logan-West-Leader 30Nov10

Residents will Rally   Lobby group VETO will hold a community rally this weekend to protest against a recent flyer from Energex indicating a time line for land acquisition along its planned powerline upgrade route.  Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 24Nov10 p16

Allconnex Did The Right Thing  (Allconnex are locating new water pipelines underground on the Camp Cable and Waterford Tamborine Roads, something Energex said they couldn't do because the road easement would change)  Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 17Nov10 p35

Energex Will Have Access Problems   Energex workers understand the difficulties of accessing powerlines near the Logan River, but Energex planners need to understand this too !  Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 17Nov10 p35

We Wont Back Down  Energex found short, VETO and Council ramp up opposition to the Energex powerline proposal.  Read more,,,> Jimboomba Times 29 Sept10 Front Page , JT 29 Sept10 p8 , JT 29 Sept10 p9

The Minister Must Surely Take Notice (Editorial)   Energy Minister Stephen Robertson owes it to the people of Logan to take a good look at the report put together by by consultants CARDNO, Read more,,,> Jt_29sept10_editorial_p32.jpg