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Submissions made to Energex are stored in this section of the website. Locate the required document and open it or download it. (Private submissions reproduced here with the kind permission of their authors.)

VETO hopes that this will help you in preparing your submission.

VETO's FIAR Submission & Energex Reply

VETO's Submission to Energex's Final Interim Assessment Report (FIAR) 9July 2010, that was prepared by Mr Danial Stratford (PhD Candidate) Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus (please allow a few minutes for it to download)... 

FIAR_Submission_Image        and the Energex "Boiler Plate" response ...>      pdf_64 


VETO IAR Submission and Energex's reply

VETO's Sumission to the Energex Interim Assessment Report (IAR) & the Energex reply.

Click link to open         pdf_64


Click link to open         pdf_64


VETO Submission to the Energex Supplementary IAR

VETO's Supplementary Interim Assessment Report (SIAR) Submission.

Please click on the link to open,,,>  VETO_Supplementary_IARSubmission_8_April__2010.pdf


 plus Mrs Laurie Koranski's Supplementary Submission.

Please click on the link to open...>  Suplimentary_Assessment_Report.doc